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Rhubarb Chameleon Flakes Intense Color Shifting Pigment, Magenta, Green

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  • Chameleon Flakes are flakes of color-shifting pigments that can be used in a wide range of ways.
  • The pigments provide intense color change effects. Dark (black is ideal) basecoats are best for this effect. Utilize over a base pigmented with Carbon Black for maximum color change effects.
  • Chameleon Flakes can be used to make resin art DIY, chrome painting, candles, bath bombs, soap colorant, slimes, etc.
  • Application: Nails, eye shadow, cosmetics, decorations
  • Chameleon Flakes are sold as 1 gram.
  • For Bath Bomb: If using in bath bombs, we recommend using polysorbate 80 as an emulsifier. In this way, the color will disperse in the water and prevent a color ring from forming on the tub.
  • For nail art: apply the flakes over cured gel coat in a dark color. Seal with a No-Wipe UV Top Coat and cure.
  • For Cosmetics: Due to the large particle size, this pigment should only be used around the eyes for costume make-up.


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